Tea time in the Cabin




by Dale Brethour

Many years ago I took a day off work to just spend time with Jesus. I had known the Lord for about 8 years and had come to know the Father. The outpouring in Toronto was in full swing and we were hearing lots about soaking. I would practice soaking and I found that it opened up portals of spiritual activity that I could engage with.I remember it took me a long time to quiet my soul down so I could rest in Him. I was in a place where it wasn’t about experience but just a hunger for Him and His heart of love. He always seems to meet you at that place and lead you into the mystic deep. As I laid there for about an hour all I could think was, is this making any sense right now? Am I wasting time? I have so many other things I could be doing right now. I stuck with it and a sense of His peace came over me. His rest is the best.Then I saw in a vision a path leading to a cabin in the woods. I went to the door and opened it. There was Jesus at the stove boiling a pot of hot water. He turned to me and smiled and said ” I knew you would come, I am making tea because I know how much you like it.” We both sat there in that cabin for a long time and we just shared our hearts. Jesus was very real and fun and He opened up to me about things and I was free to do the same. Jesus is the Almighty Saviour and Creator of the universe. He is a Roaring Lion with a voice like thunder. He is King. That day I discovered another dimension of who He is. He is also our friend. In this encounter He did not question my weaknesses or point out my immaturity. He just sat there and listened and we sipped on some tea and He shared in a way that broke religious barriers off my heart.

I have shared this testimony many times in many different settings. I have had people come up to me afterwards with tears in their eyes saying that they want to know Jesus as their friend. I guess at times in our weakness we can feel like we are slaves or orphans and that we deserve to be scolded. Jesus knows your heart, your desires and He likes what you like. In your journey to know His heart, allow Him to step into the everyday life you lead. You will discover that He is into you and you are into Him.  Blessings




As for me


by Dale Brethour

Have you ever been in a battle? Battles can come in many forms within our lives. I have never had to fight for my life in a war zone but I have faced battles for my soul, my belief’s and in relationship situations. Sometimes you get so side swiped by a situation that it takes your breath away. You feel fear and anxiety etc. come over you and you react out of that moment. This is an area of my journey with the Father that I find myself in a constant learning curve. I read Philippians 4:6 – ‘Do not be anxious about anything’ or James 1:2 – ‘Count it all joy when you face various trials’ and I go “God, this is beyond me, I can’t do this in the situation I am facing”. Thankfully we are living in a day where fresh revelation is showing us our position in Christ above all conditions. Outside of being in Him we can’t do anything. We will face trials and temptations. They will work in us His glorious purpose through His grace that is sufficient for us each day. Through some of the things that you and I are facing it will take enduring patience and faith. You will not have all the answers but you will have a peace that passes all of your own understanding. David said in Psalms 17:15 –  “As for me, I will continue beholding Your face in righteousness (rightness, justice, and right standing with You); I shall be fully satisfied, when I awake [to find myself] beholding Your form [and having sweet communion with You].” A key to enduring is beholding. To behold is to be transformed. Beholding lifts you above the battle and places you beside the throne of the King who oversees the beginning and end of your journey. David would awaken to each day beholding God’s face. We have this available to us through the finished work of the cross. We can see and be where Jesus is, in the Glory. This awakening is happening in our day. The bride of Christ is waking up to the reality that above every condition we have a position where we are seated with Christ in heavenly places. This is stirring a hunger in our hearts to pursue Him and a thirst to drink from the things of the Spirit that are to be more real to us than the earthly things. David said “As for me, I will continue beholding…” He made a choice despite the battle or circumstance, to behold God’s face. We can choose and we can say “As for me”. No matter what others say or think I am going to set my eyes on Him and count it all joy because He is my joy and my refuge. He has a table set up for us in the midst of our enemies and it is a delicious feast of sweet communion. Jesus draws you into Him and stirs the affections of your heart upward and into Him. As you and I may face trials of various kinds we do have a position above them and He will bring you through them and you are being transformed.    Blessings


Scars and Shards



by Dale Brethour

(Lyrics from the Son kiss the Son|Kevin Prosch|1994 Vineyard Music)

When you’ve been broken, broken to pieces

And your heart begins to faint

Cause you don’t understand

And when there is nothing to rake from the ashes

And you can’t even walk onto the fields of praise

But I bow down and kiss the Son

Oh, and I bow down and kiss the Son


Poem by Dale Brethour

Brokenness, scar and shards, shattered cuts shaped in multi-dimensional directions

Laying in cast off pieces around me

How am I defined in this state of fragmentation? If I take the next step

will I be cut open again? Exposed?

I’m down as low as I feel I can go

Bruised but layed at His feet with nowhere else to go.


Scars and Shards

This may seem a little different to some but a sense of a reality to another. Sometimes the goodness of our Father is found in the deep places. Sometimes those deep places are places of brokenness. Life can cut you in many directions. If you have journeyed down the road with Jesus in this life then you may have experienced moments like these. The good news is that these are temporary moments that take on the disguise of something that looks eternal but is not. You are not broken pieces of shards cast off on the road of affliction but are a wondrous work held in the potter’s hands. We will bow down to kiss the feet of the One who knows what it is to live in a world like we live in. He is the One who was nailed to a cross, scars and shards, exposed, cast off and beaten. It seemed that all that He had taught and demonstrated at the time of the cross was left in a state of fragmentation. He chose to bow low and kiss the feet of the Father and trust and worship.

When I have faced times like this I have learned to turn to Jesus and look into the cross. I love to meditate on His endurance to surrender all so that I can, by grace, drink of His cup of unending enduring love. I remind myself of all that He has done. I speak to my soul –  Hebrews 2:18 – ” For because He Himself [in His humanity] has suffered in being tempted (tested and tried), He is able [immediately] to run to the cry of (assist, relieve) those who are being tempted and tested and tried [and who therefore are being exposed to suffering].” Hebrews 4:15-16 – “For we do not have a High Priest Who is unable to understand and sympathize and have a shared feeling with our weaknesses and infirmities and liability to the assaults of temptation, but One Who has been tempted in every respect as we are, yet without sinning. Let us then fearlessly and confidently and boldly draw near to the throne of grace (the throne of God’s unmerited favor to us sinners), that we may receive mercy [for our failures] and find grace to help in good time for every need [appropriate help and well-timed help, coming just when we need it].”

He always draws us back to His feet, at the throne of worship and bowing low and surrender. Jesus has removed all the barriers so that you and I can walk upon the shards and over the places of affliction so that it becomes a sea of forgetfulness. You will not even remember the details of those days of pain unless Father reminds you so as to have compassion and to help others. If you have been through a season of battles or pain that has left scars, let me assure you that those scars have a purpose. This is an encounter that I had one time when I asked the Lord about. I was standing on a battlefield and the enemy of my soul was coming at me. He had a large spear and was trying to thrust it in the same areas that I had been wounded in before. The spear would not penetrate but the scar remained. Than a glorious light broke forth out of the scar and blinded the enemy and he lost his ability to attack. Then I heard Jesus laugh and He said to the enemy….” You can’t hurt him anymore he is mine! Where you hurt him before, he is healed. My healing is like an armour. You can’t have him anymore!” and then Jesus said to me….”Son, those scars are like a trophy of My goodness that you carry and you have a light that will shine out of that place in your life that you did not have before and it will be healing to others.”

You may be in a place of brokenness within a relationship. The thoughts of deep shame, betrayal, rejection and loss has gripped you. You may have said or done things you have regretted doing. I was in that place at one time. I had lost sight of my position and got caught up in the conditions. It was painful and it was very real at the time. Let me share another encounter that really helped me in the midst of pain.


I was in the midst of an intense verbal argument with someone who had hurt me, emotionally. I was hurtling my pain filled arrows at them and they at me. Every arrow that hit me was like a dart to the heart. Then I saw Jesus step in between me and the other person. He stretched out His arms and every arrow struck him and He began to bleed. He just stood there and said nothing. I could see His face and I could sense His sorrow.


This encounter shook me and awakened me and caused me to embrace His forgiveness for me and the other person as well. His work is so complete in you and me that it has elevated us up above everything that we used to battle through. He fills us with a love for Him, for ourselves and for others. You will be able to forgive those who have hurt you because the blood of Jesus is your path through the scars and the shards of life. Blessings


Glimpse’s of His heart: Part 3



By Dale Brethour

I remember coming out of a season where I had found a whole new way to connect with my Heavenly Father. I would lay in my bed at night and just open up my whole heart to Him. I had been practicing how to commune with Him through my spiritual senses.

One night as I was doing this a deep sense of His presence came into my room. I found myself frozen to my bed. I could not move as the room filled with the awe and fear of God. Then off to my right, out of the corner of my eye Jesus walked into my room. He just seem to step through a mist like cloud and there He was. My heart skipped a beat and to be honest, I felt He had come to deal with some issues in my life. Jesus walked over to me and without a word He bent over and looked into my eyes. His eyes were bright blue like the sea and yet were blazing hot and radiant. He looked into me and right through me. I have no idea how long this was but I could not move. Then, as fast as He appeared He stepped back into the mist and was gone. Instantly the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and said ” Dale, I can be as close to you as you desire. I can look right through you, know all about you, yet I do not condemn you. Turn your eyes into mine.”  His eyes are endless and inside them you can see into dimensions and far beyond in ways that no earthly eye has seen. (1 Cor 2:9-10) The more time we spend in Him the more we see and hear like Him. (Is. 11:3-4)

Continue in the journey of opening your heart to Him and His into yours. His love never runs dry and His thoughts towards you are endless. (Ps. 139:17)                               Blessings

Glimpse’s of His heart: Part 2.

language of the heart


by Dale Brethour

I found in my journey with the Father that He loves the process of revealing His heart to us.He wants to unlock us from the inside out. Early in my journey I would try to do what I thought I needed to do to make my Father love me. I would try to do a bunch of outward things and think that was the way to His heart. Abba is very patient, very kind and yet He is unshakable in His desire to shape you from the inside out.

One thing I would like to share in this blog is building up your inner man and finding your desire to open up to Him. I grew up in a great home that had high values in going to church and working hard. But like an iceberg, there was a whole lot more below the surface of my life than what was visible on top. I learned to push through pain and life’s circumstances and never really connect with being able to share my emotion’s. Inside of this heart of mine was a burning desire to connect and be real but through trauma, wrong core belief’s, inner vows etc, it caused me to get stuck at a certain place and never grow beyond.

As I shared in part 1 of this blog series I hit a wall when the trauma of a certain season hit my heart and caused me to spiral into a cocoon of pain.The old way of dealing with things did not work for me anymore. I now realize that the goodness of God allowed me to hit a wall and break things open, so within I would be broke open and find a pathway into Abba’s heart. It was in this place I turned to Him in desperation and found myself reading the psalms and song of solomon.

I saw, in these songs, an honesty that I needed to have within me, the language of desire. (Amplified version) – Taste and See – ps. 34:8, Song of Songs 2:3
Smell of His fragrance – Song of Songs – 1:3,Psalm 45:8
See – Psalm 17:15, See & Hear – Song of Songs 2:14,
Hear – Psalm 10:17, 40:6,51:8, 118:21, 145:19
Touch – Song of Songs 2:15
As I began to open up my heart I found a personal love language with Jesus, the lover of my soul. I would take my 5 senses and in the Spirit and through scripture I would speak them back to Him.

An example of one of my prayers would be… Father, Your touch is the safest touch, I love when You embrace me. The caress of your hand upon my heart unlocks the shackles that have bound me.
Jesus, you can be so close to me that I smell the fragrance of your robes. I can be so close to you that I release the fragrance of the Your Fathers love to others around me.
My heart is awakened and my spirit within can see you, hear you, smell and taste and touch you.

The language of love is endless and I found that it always draws me and centres me into Him. It works wonders in taking your affections and putting them within the embrace of His affections towards you. In turn it softens any hardened areas of the heart and gives you a path to open up to Abba Father. It allows you to learn to love yourself in Him and love others through Him.

If you are struggling with lust, secret sins or are just paralyzed in your emotions, try taking a journey of finding His heart for you through a deeper personal intimate way of expression. He is faithful and he absolutely loves this, I guarantee!!! Blessings

Glimpse’s of His heart: Part 1.



by Dale Brethour

I have always admired King David. He was a humble shepherd doing a job that was the lowest on the job scale for his time. Yet he found the heart of God in the lonely mundane of the everyday. The man who should have been his mentor and support in a transition season, Saul, became jealous and tried to kill him. David found the heart of God through honour towards Saul.Through many storms of  life, both ones that he caused and ones that came against him, David would find his way back to the heartbeat of his very existence.

In a past season of my life I really leaned on and into the psalms. My heart had been broken, crushed, betrayed and it caused me to spiral down. If it wasn’t for the revelation of the Father heart of God I do not know if I could have made it. In that season I learned how to get all the stuff that was being thrown at me and all the stuff that was locked up inside of me, up and out. One of the journey points that helped me was finding a way to commune and communicate with God. Through the psalms I found that I could come to Father in the secret place and pour my heart out. I would tell Him all about my anger,bitterness, brokenness, secret sins, failures and why God why? I remember one night I went to my room and I was in so much inner core pain and I let God know how I felt. After about 15 minutes I stopped and cried. Father, who is so kind, and gentle spoke through my pain. He said, “Son, as far as I stretched my hands out on that cross is how much I love you and I am big enough to take anything you throw at me.” My tears turned into praise. I caught a glimpse of the depths of Abba’s heart. I could see, like David, that as much as I got real with Father with all the junk, He got more real to me as His heart broke through my brokenness. In some of the psalms we see David singing a song of all the troubles and by the end of it he is singing praise.

I hope that this is an encouragement to someone who may be in a similar season. The inner core pain within your soul may be speaking louder than the Spirit within. In your journey there is hope. If you know the Father and His love for you than you are more than on your way to the realization of His deep touch in that inner space of pain. He is with you in the journey and He lives in you and He longs for you to get real with Him.I have found that in the places where I have been hurt and messed up, that Father reaches into that place, pulls you up, takes you by the hand and says ” Come on child, let’s keep walking this journey together, you are not a failure, but loved.”                       I will share more in part 2.    Blessings.



By Dale Brethour

I was engaging in silence in Abba’s presence. Suddenly I saw time like a rushing wind accelerating around me.
To just stand and wait in this wind was very difficult. Off to the side I saw a very dark portal open up.
This portal was able to divert people into it’s path and suck them in.This diversion portal released it’s own sound and wavelengths and time seemed to be shifted and rearranged within it. Negative bands of dark matter and light were able to change people, places and times.(Daniel 7:25)
It was allowed to operate through the darkness of man’s unredeemed heart and the choice to pursue and create his own pattern within time.
The effect this portal has on the DNA and very core being of people who pursue this path was not fully realized within time.

Thankfully many are aware of this and are awakening to who they are as manifest sons of God.
In Christ we live, move and have our being. In Him we are not diverted into the paths that suck the very life out of us. One of the challenges in the days ahead will be to remain in Him, dial down from the accelerated pull of the changing times we are in.
Two contrasting time-frames are upon us and as we journey in Him with our spiritual senses awakened, we can redeem the time and set the seasons as sons of the Most High.

Encounter for Canada


Canada: Scrolls,Eagle,Winds and Witnesses

By Dale Brethour

In the early morning hours of Oct.22/2014 I was spending some time with Abba Father.
He invited into an encounter. I was taken up a set of stairs and than in through a door.
As I entered I realized that it was a strategy war-room. The walls were decorated with David’s
slingshot, various weaponry from the mighty men that walked with the Lord in previous generations.
I saw a large round table with many from the cloud of witnesses and the courts of angels.
I was approached by someone who gave me some large animal skinned leather scrolls. Written on these scrolls
were words concerning the nation of Canada. One of the witnesses turned to me and said that these scrolls
are words that need to be landed in the of nation of Canada. They have been in this strategy room
awaiting for alignment on earth as it is in Heaven.I was told that these scrolls are being opened
in this time for the nation of Canada.
Next, I was approached by 3 angels. Their names are Velocity, Wisp and Jet stream.
I was told that they have been actively releasing atmospheric shifts over Canada.
In the natural realm, weather patterns have shifted, somewhat, in the last few years.
In the Spirit realm, spiritual patterns are beginning to shift.
Holy Spirit spoke to me and said that a shift in the political mountain was happening.
A shift in the culture is about to happen.
The very heart of the nation will see a shift and many will turn to the Father.
These angels are being released to minister and work with the Lord’s people.
Intercessors across the nation will see a fresh new release as they begin to
engage out of the scrolls of Heaven.
Alignment,was one of the words that I saw, written on these scrolls.
An alignment on earth as it is in Heaven.
It is time to decree over each province and territory, over cities and the vast countryside,
what has been recorded in Heaven, for Canada.An awakening is going to happen in the north,
both near and far. You have not been forgotten.

Than I was taken out of the strategy room and than I saw a gigantic eagle flying over the city of Toronto.
On the eagle’s head was a native head dress of feathers in a multitude of colours.
I was told that these colours represent the shades and frequencies and sounds of the land
of the nation of Canada. Each feather has been dipped in the frequencies and times of this land.
Some feathers were earthy in their texture and colour. A few of these feathers radiated with colours
I have never seen. The ones that caught my attention had the appearance of dried blood.
At this point some native elders stepped forward from the cloud of witnesses. They said that
their blood and sweat were represented in those feathers. What they had sown in previous generations
was now going to spring forth with abundant fruit. They had honoured the Creator and His creation
in their time. They had prayed for this land and they knew God as their One Creator.
Honour has been passed down to us and this scroll is now in the hands of those who
will encourage, encounter, engage and embrace it.
They warned me of the need for us, in Canada, to steward the resources. Some will come with a desire
to deplete these resources. I sensed a deeper meaning to this word.
They smiled and said that as it is in the natural, it will be a sign of that which in the Spirit.
Steward the resources you have been given.
At this point the eagle arose, flapped it’s wings and screeched loudly.
The winds began to blow and swirl around me. At this point of this encounter was ending
I heard a voice say, watch and wait, as well as a date June 15/2015.

Breadcrumbs (The Bread of Life)


Matt 5: 7 ” Blessed are those who hungry and thirst for righteousness for they shall be fully satisfied.”  One of the ways that the Father leads us, is by giving us a small glimpse into His heart, His ways, His thoughts, emotions and mysteries of the Kingdom. These may come in many different ways.  Father uses these times like breadcrumbs. You may have a small taste and be satisfied with just that alone, but there is a purpose in all that He does. His desire is too lead us and feed us with His substance and life.                                      

I love reading John 6. In verses 11- 14, we see Jesus releasing the miracle of feeding the multitude with 5 loaves and 2 fish. They gathered up the fragments at the end and it was enough to fill 12 baskets.  A whole lot of crumbs gathered were enough for another feast. Nothing was lost, nothing was wasted. These leftover portions came from a larger substance. The breadcrumbs come from and lead us to the loaf, the substance. To the hungry the breadcrumbs are not the meal. They become the path that leads to the source.

The pieces and portions that you are encountering in your journey with the Father have a purpose and a pathway. They leave a trail that leads us to the table in His presence. Jesus, the Bread of Life.  I want to be thankful for every piece of His bread that has fallen on the ground before me. I want to keep eating as it leads me to His table. I do not want to get stuck along the path or turn back from this journey. I want to remain hungry, thirsty, teachable and moving forward in His Glory. 

The feeding of the 5000 was like a breadcrumb of revelation to the disciples. He gave them enough to stir questions and hunger. Do you still have questions? Questions that you may not fully understand but you are asking and trusting His leading.

John 6: 30-71 is a major transitional shift in the gospels. Jesus unloads the loaf. He cuts it in slices and puts meat in the middle. All the teachings and miracles were like breadcrumbs that led to this table. He is the Bread of Life. In verse 53 – ” I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, you cannot have any life in you unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood.”  Have you ever thought of how crazy and whacked out this teaching is to those in whom He was speaking? I’ll let you ponder that one. We have enough breadcrumbs from this side of the cross, to at least, gather them into the basket and have another feast.  Jesus said that whoever feeds on His blood and His body, dwells continually in Him. It is the true drink that we have thirsted for. He is the feast. David said in Psalms 16:11  “You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy, at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”

This chapter has become a pathway for me in my journey. I still have a lot of questions. He likes to lead us with portions and then they create a pathway for you and I in the journey. It becomes sweet communion at His table. These crumbs come from a much larger substance, the Bread of Life.                                                              

Our journey should always lead us to the feast. We can dine with the divine. Jesus gave the invitation in John 6 and many walked away from Him. It did not come in a packaged form that they were able to receive. They had seen the miracles, revival and watched what He did. It was now, the time, for them to come dine and eat of the loaf and the meat (loaves and fishes) of all that He is. Jesus said it was the Father who gives you the true Heavenly bread. Ahhhh Jesus, all Your paths lead back to the Father. 

We are blessed to be a hungry and thirsty generation. We will keep eating every breadcrumb and every piece because we are actually feasting from the Bread of Life. We are positioned at His table to dine. Like Peter we say… “Lord to whom shall we go, You have the Words of Life.” 

Dale Brethour

His Rod and His Staff


Word for the Ecclesia over Canada:

This morning I was awakened at 5am. The Spirit was whispering in my ear, ‘The rising Ecclesia.’ He began to speak “‘Now is the time , in Canada, for a shift in understanding and the knowledge of ecclesia. This is a transition turning point and it is critical that it be established from the heights of My habitation. Let it arise in your lives, cities, regions and nation. Do not be discouraged that it is not set in place as fast as you would like. Two things I want you to know. My rod and My staff will comfort you.”

The rod of the shepherd was used for protection of the sheep. It was used to protect against wolves, bears, lions etc. that would try to harm the sheep. As well I heard the Lord say that “I am using My rod of protection to remove the land mines and traps of the enemy so as to make a way, where at one time there was no way. I am training you in how to use the rod of authority and to do the same as I show you.”

The staff is used for guidance, in wisdom, revelation, knowledge.
The hook in the staff was used by shepherds to lift the sheep who had fallen into holes, or areas where they had become stuck.

He is preparing us for things that will come out of habitation with Him as our shepherd, our king. I sense that we are in the boot camp of the pastures of His fields. Let us be aware of this season of transition.
His rod and staff will guide us and we in Canada and the other nations represented here, will make his-story.

Shaba blessings Dale Brethour